Your Growth Advisor & Executive Coach

Are you an accomplished leader ready to take your life, organization, and impact to the next level?

I work with leaders and organizations like yours to:

  • Position and scale your organization for long-term success
  • Unlock new revenue streams
  • Boost profitability
  • Balance profits and purpose
  • Accelerate transformation
  • Create a culture of innovation to strengthen your competitive edge
  • Grow engagement, wellbeing, and performance during turbulent times
  • Grow your leadership and impact
  • Cultivate greater confidence, ease, and joy

Our four-step journey is your proven path to success

How We Can Partner

Scale your organization and impact

As your growth advisor, I’ll work with you to assess your opportunities, define a compelling vision and strategy, and execute with confidence, ease, and joy

Accelerate your growth and leadership impact

As your executive coach, I’ll work with you and your leadership team to clarify your vision and purpose, set bold goals, build an actionable strategy, and cultivate the mindset, beliefs, and behaviors necessary to achieve sustainable results

The OpaStrategy Difference

We provide exceptional results by designing thoughtful journeys that are as engaging as they are rigorous. After 10+ years helping 75+ organizations accelerate sustainable growth, we know what it takes to drive change that sticks:

  • Create meaningful experiences that develop your ability to plan, act, learn, and adapt
  • Leverage research, data, and advanced analytics to bring an outside view into your strategy room
  • Integrate individual and team coaching to eliminate inner blocks to success
  • Authentically engage your stakeholders to build a strong network to propel success
  • Leverage strategic foresight and design thinking to foster innovation and unlock new growth opportunities
  • Build the capabilities of you and your team, so you can thrive well into the future

When you partner with OpaStrategy, you not only get full access to Alexandra’s depth of experience and expertise, you also get access to our large network of vetted partners. We love to bring the right team together to help you build novel solutions to your most complex problems and opportunities.

I have long valued personal and professional development. After all, ‘Everywhere you go, there you are.’ I have found a direct correlation between my growth and the diversity of tools, books, events, and trusted advisors. Alexandra is one of my trusted advisors. Coach Reese has an uncanny ability to extract answers to important questions that are within my heart and mind. Then she is masterful in encouraging me to advance towards my goals and assists with formulating a plan. She leads by example which inspires me to face the fear of failure and unlock my true potential. Thank you, Coach.

I had the privilege of having Alexandra as my personal coach in 2021. She had the perfect balance of professionalism, curiosity, insightfulness, and knowledge. Every coaching session left me more aware of how my mindset affected my outcomes, and how my actions contributed to achieving my goals. I accomplished so many goals and learned so much about myself under her coaching – I would highly recommend her as a coach and strategist!

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