The Art of Productive Conflict.

Have courageous conversations with confidence and ease.

Join leadership experts Alexandra and Jamie in a highly-interactive workshop to master the art of productive conflict.

“Alexandra’s recent leadership event was one of the most transformational learning environments I have engaged in during my 15 years in non-profit leadership.”

Terry Johnson,
CEO, Boys & Girls Clubs of the Portland Metro Area

Why it matters.

How well do you handle conflict? Does the anticipation of a difficult conversation fill you with dread? Does the stress of the moment send you into fight, flight, or freeze, no matter how much you prepare? Are you often disappointed at the outcome, wishing you’d responded differently?

These are all perfectly normal experiences. Conflict is incredibly challenging. You may struggle to put what you know about managing conflict into practice consistently—especially when you’re in the middle of a stressful experience. 

Just because these experiences are normal, doesn’t mean you need to tolerate them. You can forge a healthy relationship with conflict. 

Imagine what would be possible if you could…

Strengthen relationships with productive conflict

– Navigate tough conversations with confidence

Address issues head-on and without delay

Foster healthy debate in your team

Improve performance through productive feedback conversations

You can make productive conflict your superpower! Find out how below.

What you get.

A highly-interactive two hour workshop that will empower you to:

-Understand your relationship with conflict, and why you show-up how you do

-Reduce the stress and pain associated with conflict

-Approach difficult conversations with greater confidence and ease

-Stay calm, present, and in choice of how you respond during stressful conversations

-Practice several frameworks and tools you can use alone and with your team to cultivate productive conflict

Meet Alexandra Reese.

Alexandra is a Growth Guide with 13+ years experience guiding 100+ leaders, teams, and organizations to define and bring bold visions to life.  is an ICF-certified coach with 200+ hours of training. In addition to her professional experience, Alexandra is an Associate Certified Coach with 160+ hours of coach training from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching.

Alexandra is passionate about building high-performing leaders and teams who can navigate conflict with confidence and ease. As it’s this work in themselves that ultimately enables leaders and teams to do the work out in the world.

Meet Jamie Waltz.

Jamie is a compassionate catalyst who guides teams through transformative changes. Having spent nearly 20 years in government in Oregon, working on and leading highly political and visible projects, she has learned first hand how to navigate conflict. 

Jamie is currently taking a sabbatical and having fun supporting leadership growth and development in others.

Logistical details. 


Date & time: June 7th, 8:30am – 11:00am PT

Location: University Club of Portland

Investment: $47


Date & time: June 9th, 9:00am – 11:00am PT

Investment: $47

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