Most organizations keep making this critical investment mistake

Most organizations keep making this critical investment mistake,

Which has a 90% risk of failure:

They promote people into management without any management training.

According to research by Gallup, only ONE in TEN people has the innate talent to manage.

When you promote people into management WITHOUT training, you have a 90% RISK of FAILURE with your investment.

And this failure costs you BIG $$$:

💡 “Bad managers” are the #1 reason employees leave organizations

💡 The average cost of a departing employee is 1 – 2X their annual comp

💡 “Bad managers” whose team members stick around are likely to disengage and lose productivity

💡 Promoting people into management without training is akin to making a $1M capital investment with a 90% chance of failure

Would you take these odds on any other investment prospect?

Absolutely not!

So why are you accepting these odds with your labor capital capital investment?

Most organizations won’t invest in train prospective managers because they say it’s too costly. They’re asking the wrong questions:

❌ What if we train them and they leave?

❌ What if we can’t promote them on schedule?

❌ What if they decide management isn’t for them?

These organizations are thinking about management training all wrong. They should be asking better questions:

✅ What if we don’t train them and they stay?

✅ How can we design leadership training that improves performance in their role today?

✅ How can we use training to winnow out people who aren’t a good fit for management?

How are you training your managers to succeed?

If you’re not, why not?

It’s not too late. While the best time to plant a tree was yesterday, the next best time is today.

Quality training does not have to be expensive.

My Coaching Essentials for Leaders program, for example, offers investment options that begin at just $247 per person.

That’s less than the cost of a nice evening out. And it has a much better ROI!

If you need support training your people to be exceptional managers and leaders, I invite you to join my Coaching Essentials for Leaders program. It kicks off in a few short weeks. Link in comments.