Picture of Alexandra Reese with words overlaid: "Every moment is another chance"

Do you ever feel stuck or trapped?

Do you ever feel stuck or trapped?

Then here’s a helpful reminder:

You are not:

❌ Fixed
❌ Your feelings
❌ Your thoughts
❌ Your worst decisions
❌ Who you were yesterday
❌ What people say about you

You are:

✅ Adaptable
✅ Your values
✅ Your purpose
✅ Your impact on the world
✅ The attributes you CHOOSE to own
✅ Who you choose to be in the moment

Every moment is another chance to be who you want to be.

So, next time you feel stuck, give yourself permission to:

💡 Experiment and evolve
💡 Step away from what was
💡 Shed beliefs that no longer serve you
💡 Let go of thoughts and feelings you don’t want to own
💡 Change how you show-up for yourself and others
💡 Stop defining yourself to and for others

Who are you?

Cultivating awareness of *who you are* and *how you want to show-up* is key to exceptional leadership.

Because we cannot lead others until we can first lead ourselves.

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