GG #27: Master the art of conflict

Alexandra Reese’s Growth Guide. Actionable insights to improve your leadership, life, and impact. “ It’s about shifting the agenda from, ‘I’ve got to get this short term result’ to ‘I’ve got to build the right connections and strength and relationships to enable us to deliver results sustainably over time.’ ” This is among my favorite … Read more

It’s my final day in Mexico!

Alexandra on the coast in Mexico with a yacht in the background

And how I spent my last day might surprise you… ❌ No lazy morning❌ No beach❌ No pool Instead, I’m helping my dad on his boat! He’s preparing for a one month journey from Puerto Vallarta to the Marquesas And it’s a treat to be gopher for a day! Because happiness isn’t found in pursuing … Read more

Want to achieve your goals faster?

Photo of Alexandra on a plane with words overlaid: "Keep going. You've got this."

Do this more: Ask people who’re further along a similar path, “what advice do you have for me?” Yesterday, I had a fantastic conversation with The Productivityist Mike Vardy, who’s been building his coaching business for 15+ years. And the advice he gave me is gold: ⭐️Just keep going⭐️ When you’re working to achieve BIG things, … Read more

Do you ever feel stuck or trapped?

Picture of Alexandra Reese with words overlaid: "Every moment is another chance"

Do you ever feel stuck or trapped? Then here’s a helpful reminder: You are not: ❌ Fixed❌ Your feelings❌ Your thoughts❌ Your worst decisions❌ Who you were yesterday❌ What people say about you You are: ✅ Adaptable✅ Your values✅ Your purpose✅ Your impact on the world✅ The attributes you CHOOSE to own✅ Who you choose … Read more

Most organizations keep making this critical investment mistake

Most organizations keep making this critical investment mistake, Which has a 90% risk of failure: They promote people into management without any management training. — According to research by Gallup, only ONE in TEN people has the innate talent to manage. When you promote people into management WITHOUT training, you have a 90% RISK of … Read more

The difference between a thriving culture and a toxic culture

The difference between a thriving culture and a toxic culture is not simply “good leadership.” It’s *adopting cohesive policy* VS. *hoping for cohesive action.* — In the absence of clear policy guidance on what and how to do things, great leaders will do important things like hiring differently. Difference creates confusion. And confusion creates toxicity. … Read more

We KNOW culture DRIVES performance

We KNOW culture DRIVES performance. And yet, most organizations fail to build a healthy culture. And the reason is surprisingly simple… They pull only ONE of FOUR levers available to them: They define the culture they want. But they fail to pull the other three levers, which are equally important! Essentially, they’re driving a car with only … Read more