Meet your Growth Guide,
Alexandra Reese.

Your key to unlocking your next level of success with confidence, ease, and joy.

How would it feel to have complete confidence in your vision, strategy, and leadership? How would you show-up differently for yourself, your team, and those you love, if you felt calm, confident, and in-control of your life experience? What could you achieve if you felt engaged and motivated—even when times are tough?

Go ahead, let your imagination run wild. The sky is the limit for you. If you’re willing to put in the work.

When you’re ready to take your leadership, life, and impact to the next level, I’m here to guide you.

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Alexandra Reese,
Growth Guide and Founder,

Associate Certified Coach, International Coaching Federation

Certified Professional Coach, Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching

B.A. Economics and International Development, Hampshire College

"I want you to feel both energized and grounded through our work together. I want to empower, excite, and motivate you from 'I can’t because…' to 'I can by...'"

Alexandra Reese,
Growth Guide and Founder,

What exactly is a Growth Guide?

Think of me as your strategist, executive coach, and trusted advisor, wrapped into one.

– I will ask powerful questions that unlock new perspectives and insights.

– I will listen without judgment. 

– I will offer external insight, candid feedback, and strategic guidance to inform—not dominate—your decision-making.

What makes me qualified to be your Growth Guide?

I have 13+ years of experience guiding 100+ leaders, teams, and organizations to define and bring bold visions to life.

What makes me different from other coaches or consultants you may have worked with is the diversity of my experience.

I bring all these experiences to bear in every engagement with my clients. And I truly believe it’s what empowers my clients to achieve better results, faster. My diversity of experience is your competitive advantage.

*Opas* means guide in Finnish.
Alexandra is proud of Finnish her heritage and being the guide is very much the role for her clients.

– 13+ years in enterprise strategy partnering with leadership teams and organizations to define their bold vision for the future and architect a clear, actionable plan to achieve it.

–  7+ years in leadership and organizational development, building organizations with the capability and capacity to deliver on their bold visions for the future.

– 6+ years in economics consulting, crafting data-driven growth strategies that drove double-digit returns.

– 2+ years as a certified professional coach, empowering growth-minded leaders to dramatically improve their leadership, life, and impact with confidence, ease, and joy.

– 75+ diverse clients from Fortune 50, mid-market, high-growth startup, to government agencies.

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